VTSC Trainers

Jeremy Grisham

Jeremy Grisham is a community advocate.  Combined with his military experience, in which he served as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman, Jeremy has dedicated twenty-five years to the helping professions.  Jeremy helped define ecotherapy as it relates to veterans and the community in Washington State through his work with the Veterans Conservation Corps of the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs and continues to incorporate his knowledge and expertise in his therapeutic practice.  Jeremy is a human-being who is also a father, husband, combat veteran, survivor of trauma and an ally of the isolated, marginalized and oppressed.  Jeremy currently works as a clinician for a community mental health organization and occasionally speaks on topics of ecotherapy and concepts related to ecopsychology.  Having earned a BA in Liberal Arts, with a focus on Psychology and Ecopsychology from Antioch University, Jeremy transitioned into a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, in which he will complete the degree in December 2019, after which , Jeremy will pursue a PhD in Psychology of Counselor Education and Supervision.