VTSC Trainers

Cal Crow, Ph.D.

Cal Crow is a veteran of the U.S. Army, where he served as a counterintelligence analyst. He is a co-founder and lead trainer at the Center for Learning Connections (CLC), a consulting, training and program development center located at Edmonds Community College. CLC manages the Veterans Training Support Center. In 2010, Cal helped launch the Center for Efficacy and Resiliency, and is particularly interested in bringing efficacy and resiliency research into organizations that assist veterans who have trauma-related experiences.

Cal has designed training, developed curriculum, and implemented programs for service providers in many parts of the world. He strongly believes that the growing body of knowledge in positive psychology can be used to assist veterans, and has incorporated this into his current work. Cal has a long-time interest in helping individuals plan meaningful careers. He co-authored the revision of the Washington State Job Hunter curriculum, and was one of three individuals selected to revise the National Career Development Guidelines, a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education. He has been a counselor in private practice and taught in Seattle University’s graduate level counselor preparation program for nearly three decades.

Cal has presented and consulted in forty-six states and territories, the District of Columbia, Australia, Jamaica and Canada, on a variety of topics. He holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University, and has received numerous awards for his work in education and workforce development.