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An Introduction to Narrative Therapy

An Introduction to Narrative Therapy


Location: The 2100 Building
2100 24th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144

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From: May 1, 2017 at 1:00pm to: 4:00pm

Trainer(s): Randy Nelson, LMHC


Narrative Therapy sits at the edges of Psychological legitimacy. It’s acknowledged as a member of the therapy family, though often relegated to the kids’ table. While this peripheral location might challenge Narratively-inclined clinicians in the context of exalted empiricism and manualization, Narrative Therapy is all about lingering in the margins.

Narrative Therapy asserts that we make sense of our lives through story, and it is not just a therapy of “telling your story.” With an underpinning in Social Constructionism, Narrative challenges the “your” part of “your story.” Life is troubling when we lose connection with our own authorship privileges. We may find ourselves living a problem’s story--the story of alcoholism or PTSD or not-good-enoughness--that purports to be about us, but leaves a bulk of our experiences, values, relationships, and neatnesses idling untold in the margins. Similarly, dominant cultural ideas ensnare us with their own prescriptions for who we are or aren’t and can or can’t be.

Narrative Therapy separates the problem from the person, giving space to collaboratively construct and thicken preferred stories and identities. As stories exist in relationship, Narrative practitioners also help circulate preferred stories among clients’ chosen communities of support. Narrative Therapy assures that our stories communicate what is most vital and valued about us.

Training for Mental & Behavioral Health Professionals: This workshop is open to professionals with mental and behavioral health-related graduate degrees (e.g., MSW, MA, MS, MSN), physicians, dentists, and psychologists (e.g., AMA, ADA, APA), and social service providers. Graduate students in an accredited mental or behavioral health program may also participate in this training.

Objectives: Through lecture, videotaped sessions, therapeutic documents, and in-workshop practice:

  • Participants will acquire a basic understanding of Social Constructionism and its relationship to Narrative practices.
  • Participants will learn to create externalizing questions that extricate the person from the problem.
  • Participants will begin crafting questions that thicken preferred storylines.
  • Participants will understand common "re-membering" practices, assuring that preferred stories circulate and live outside of the therapy room.
  • Participants will create a therapeutic document.

Cost: Free!

Parking: Ample on-street parking is available at or near the 2100 Building

Lunch Options:

  • Fare Start @ 2100 Café – near the entrance to the 2100 Building
  • Borracchini’s Bakery – 2307 Rainier Ave South, Seattle 98144
  • Burger King – 2021 Rainier Ave South, Seattle 98144
  • McDonald’s – 2336 25th Ave South, Seattle 98144
  • Wendy’s – 2543 Rainier Ave South, Seattle 98144
  • QFC – 2711 Rainier Ave South, Seattle 98144
  • Toshio’s Teriyaki – 1706 Rainier Ave S., Seattle 98144

Free CEs & Clock Hours: Workshop certificate documents hours of instruction toward Continuing Education. Clock-hour forms are available free upon completion of the workshop.
The Veterans Training Support Center is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. VTSC maintains responsibility for this program and its content.