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Mental Health First Aid for Veterans

Mental Health First Aid for Veterans


Location: Georgetown Campus, South Seattle College
Gene J. Colin Education Hall Bldg C.
6737 Corson Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108
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From: December 3, 2019 at 8:00am to: 5:00pm

Trainer(s): Shaida Hossein, OTD

Details: Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based, 8-hour training that teaches common risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems and specific disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and substance use disorders. Participants learn a five-step action plan to offer initial help in a mental crisis and connect people to appropriate services and supports, supported by simulations and role-playing. Many family members and professionals with limited mental health experience struggle to effectively help veterans and military members who are in mental crisis or showing signs of mental disorders. This Mental Health First Aid training includes scenarios and discussion specific to these populations. Please register by emailing the following info to shaidahosseinOTD@gmail.com 1) Name, 2) Organization & Role, 3) Email Address, and 4) Phone #

Objectives: 1. Recognize a mental health crisis 2. Respond to a mental health crisis 3. Understand common mental health issues among veterans 4. Identify resources of support for veterans and family members

Cost: none

Parking: $3/day on campus (pay at the Kiosk in front of the Colin Education Hall)