Promising Practices

10. Annual Student-Veteran Focus Groups

10. Annual Student-Veteran Focus Groups

Identify the needs of student veterans by conducting annual focus groups.

Promising Practice

Each campus is different in terms of student populations and their needs. Some campuses have higher numbers of veterans and military family members attending and some only have a few. What works on one campus may not work on another; there is no cookie cutter mold. Therefore it is highly recommended that institutions take the time each year to sit down with their student veterans and listen to their needs. This can be done through formal, or informal, focus groups. By giving the students a chance to express their needs the institution is gaining a more informed perspective


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"I always learn something new from VTSC. This time I really got it about how for so many veterans the need to put a 100% plus effort into every task…and the emotional distress that can occur when a veteran feels that he/she didn’t successfully complete the mission. This new understanding helped me better support a veteran that I’ve been working with."

-Lori Ann Miller